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A Tateyama Magyar Laboratórium Kft-t 1997-ben alapította a japán TATEYAMA KAGAKU csoport. A cég célja a magyar innovatív technológiák támogatása.

Idegen nyelvű leírás
Pal Mieru - Digital Surveillance Systems Pal Mieru MultiCam Professional surveillance system for 1-20 cameras Pal Mieru U2 Simple surveillance system for 1-2 USB cameras Utilities for Palm OS? ScopeDB -- Database Manager Create your own Databases with ScopeDB, a universal Database Manager for PalmOS? powered PDAs Airon Timetable A full featured editable Timetable application to store averithing about flights. dpSync for Windows Address Book Synchronize your Windows Address Book (also used by Outlook Express) with your Palm? device by the touch of a button! Solutions for Palm OS? Tateyama Laboratory Hungary Kft. has been committed to developing mobile applications for over one year now, with Palm handhelds in the first place. Our experience collected during this period is demonstrated by three Palm applications, which are the parts of our self-developed systems, and their demo versions can be downloaded as freeware. Aim: After the establishment of the Office Automation group at Tateyama LTD, our main activity has been software production as a subcontractor of Tateyama System Laboratory in Japan.
Since then, we have gathered precious experience in software technology such as: PDA programming and synchronization with dedicated applications Developing highly localized database applications (MS Access, SQL server, Visual Basic) We have decided to utilize our experience, and provide shareware for a wider use. Company Information Tateyama Laboratory Hungary Ltd. was established in 1997 as an affiliate of the Japanese TATEYAMA KAGAKU GROUP. The aim of the foundation was to inspire and utilize innovative human resources in Hungary with the aid of Japanese technology and management.
Tateyama works in close cooperation with several Universities in Hungary, providing scholarships for both students and their supervisors. Among these institutions are the Budapest University of Technology and Economics as well as the University of Veszprém.
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