Rolling Road Nemzetközi Szállítmányozási, Logisztikai És Szolgáltató Kft., Budapest

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A Rolling Road Kft. export - import szállítmányozási tevékenységet folytat, logisztikai koordinációt végez kamionnal, vasúton, légi úton és konténerrel történő áruszállítások esetén.

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The main area of activity of Rolling Road Kft. is export - import freight forwarding, processing logistical coordination for freight forwarding by road, rail, air and by containers. In addition to forwarding normal, partial and complete product cargo, we also have apt experience in shipping oversized and hazardous (ADR) cargo, as well as transporting museum relics and special shipment to their various destinations. The palette of products we forward is as colorful as our partners who represent the widest range of business areas.
If required, we also ship electronic equipment, power plant equipment, engines, gauges, various steel products, such as containers, sheet metal, steel pipes, etc. We have unrivalled experience in Hungary in the application of PLS ( Pro Logistic System ). We are amply prepared to face the challenges and opportunity to define and execute any special demand that may arise whether you are executing existing projects or attempting to launch new ones.
A Pro Logistic System is a uniquely developed service package specially tailored to the particular business demands of a our partners, which, based on internal organization, the infrastructural background, and continuous development, is able to improve effectiveness for our partners concerning their logistic activities, controls logistic expenses, and allows for a more plannable and controllable operation. Our company assumes the professional responsibility for all the tasks we attend to, as well as all the risks involved with them.
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