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updated on 2018. május 15.

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The reorganisation of the MMG Automation Joint Stock Works ( MMG AM ) came to an end. In the course of the reorganisation new companies came into being, departments and company seats seased to exist. The viable products and departments, however, did not cease to exist, they continue to live... Our company was born in the course of the reorganisation and as a commercial firm, it has specialized in the delivery and servicing of the previously produced precision engineering products and their spare parts. Besides we are sole distributor of czech instrument manufacturer ZPA. The measuring instrument product assortment of MMG includes the following: Diverse flowmeters, including the Turboquant turbine and Cori Force mass flowmeters, vortex-meters, induction flowmeters and their signal processors.
Pressure and pressure-difference transmitters and other analogous elements. Level meters-including the parts of the previously produced Nivotran and Corvol level meters. Diverse complementary elements, supply units, closing appliances, etc. The above list is by no means complete, because the product assortment is larger. By way of example we can mention the safety engineering products (gas-alarms, fire-alarms) and small automation products (regulators, reductors, etc.) and operation instruments (manometers).
Our company offers costumer''s service help in the choice of the products of the reorganized MMG companies. Taking advantage of the opportunity, I should like to recommend to you our company as supplier and service firm, if you have devices produced by the MMG AM joint stock company or you contemplate the purchase of such products. In our country thousands of companies use the products produced by the MMG and we hope that owing to our activity their number will not decrease but increases.

Biztonságtechnika, Szerviz, Fűtéstechnika, Méréstechnika
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