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We are delighted to welcome you to the homepage of the Hungarian National Tourist Office. We hope this website will help you discover regions and sights of Hungary you dont know about yet. This wonderful country brims with culture and natural beauty. Budapest - one of the finest capitals in the world, Lake Balaton - Europes largest freshwater lake, and numerous nature conservation areas await visitors, lovers of culture or nature alike.
Those who seek rest and rejuvenation will turn to one of our many thermal spas, famous for their natural healing spring water. Please select from our lists of accomodation, campings, private accomodation or catering services, thermal bathsor spas. You can also search for our equestrian offers.
Also have a look at our brochures and order some of them. You can do it here, where you can also download our printed brochures in electronic format. And do spend a few minutes filling out our online questionnaire here! Thank you! By clicking on the country names, you can reach the websites of the HNTOs foreign representatives in your native language.
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  2. FŐ UTCA 75.
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  3. Medve Utca 34-40.
    1027  Budapest
    (1) 214 7631
    1027  Budapest
  5. Kacsa Utca 1.
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  6. Kacsa U.1.
    1027  Budapest
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