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INNOVATEXT? Textile Engineering and Testing Institute - founded in 1949 - is the central research development and testing basis of the Hungarian textile and textile-apparel industry. INNOVATEXT? is the only institute in Hungary that has a laboratory accredited according to MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17025 for the testing of textile basic materials, inter-mediates and final products, textile floor-covering, textile apparel products and also involved in labor-safety conformity testing of machines and equipment. As a centrally authorized institute, INNOVATEXT is engaged in the testing of protective clothes and other individual protective devices. In this field of activity, the Institute represents Hungary in respect of the PPE directive in the cooperation group of EU-registered organizations.
Accordingly, the activities of the Institute also cover fields such as consultation on quality control, environmental protection and recycling in the textile industry. In addition to providing quality control testing services to Hungarian companies, the Institute receives regular orders for such services from famous store chains, for example, Karstadt-Quelle, IKEA, C&A and also from internationally known certification bodies such as SGS. Over the past few years INNOVATEXT? has participated in a number of Hungarian and international R&D projects and is currently involved in several international projects within the framework of the Lenonardo da Vinci Programme, the 5th and 6th Framework Program of the EU.
Being a member of the consortia set up through the co-operation TEXTRANET ? AUTEX - EURATEX, INNOVATEXT? has played an active role in the preparations of the new projects.

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