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A B Consulting Service Vagyonvédelmi Kft. 1990-ben alakult. Cégünk két telephellyel rendelkezik, a kőbányai központtal, és a zuglói vállalkozási irodával.

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Hungarian private persons established our company, B Consulting Service Vagyonvédelmi Kft. (B Consulting Service Property Protection Ltd.) in 1990. The owners intended to found a company representing a high level on the field of the property protection, it is stable economically and provides a steady income for its employees.Our activities are: designing, implementing, servicing and maintenance of fire alarm, automatic extinguishing, incursion indicator, gas-danger detector, video-observer, entry as well as integrated supervisor systems. We can always provide the optimal technical and economical solutions for our partners, as we carry on a product-independent activity resulting from our philosophy.Our average staff consists of 45-50 persons, more than third part of them has a higher degree qualification.
80% of our colleagues are in the employment of the company since more than 5 years. Our designers, constructors, maintenance people do continuous professional training, in this way we possess all the product- and system-knowledge, technical examinations and permissions required to the supply the activity of the company at a high level.We complete our projects taking into account the effective provisions of law, and prescriptions of the standards. We complete the construction of our systems according to the plans accepted by the competent organizations, primarily by the Tűzoltóság (Fire Guard) BM-OKF, BRFK Vagyonvédelmi Tanácsadó Szolgálat (Property Protection Advisory Service), MABISZ.
The installed systems are delivered with the training of the operators within the framework of official hand over, its update and the training of the new entrants are executed in the frame of the maintenance. Our service is available in 24/365 system on the whole territory of the country. We can provide a troubleshooting in the capital and in its environment within 3 hours, even on the most remote site of the country within 6 hours.
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