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The present premises of our own, were opened on the 1 st February, 1994. Our modern equipped wholesale storehouse is situated on an area of 5ooo square meters, where, in a separate building of 1ooo sm. we are serving our buyers with auto parts, while in the other building, you can find, - on another 1ooo sm. area - our show room, warehouse of auto accessories and car care products, as well as our offices., We are distributing more than 26ooo kinds of auto parts, car accessories, car care, and do-it-yourself products which derives from about 1ooo suppliers, the 8o % of which are the manufacturers, themselves., On the area of Budapest we make deliveries by our own means of transportation, while our clients from the countryside can receive their orders by mail, in commercial parcel., We accept consumers'' orders through our WEB shop or by e-mail.
The direct retail sales are effected in the car shop of Budapest, III. Pacsirtamez? u. 31.
The orders received, with the exception of direct sale - are fulfilled by mail.

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